What is SAP CRM?

SAP CRM Overview
SAP CRM Overview
SAP Customer Relationship Management known as SAP CRM is one of those brilliant ideas that blew the business world in the 1990's with the commitment of endlessly altering the way businesses both small and large communicated with their client goals. In the very short time, though, it demonstrated to be a cumbersome process that was greater in theory than in practice for different kinds of reasons. One amongst these was that it was really so hard and costly to trace and have the large volume of reports required carefully and regularly update them.

In the past few years, however, modern software systems and advanced tracking features have extensively superior CRM abilities and the real engagement of CRM is becoming a reality. As the price of newer, more customizable Internet solutions have knocked the marketplace; competition has pushed the rates down so that even moderately small businesses are receiving the advantages of some custom CRM programs.

SAP CRM Training fundamentally includes various topics, some to be specific, Call Centre Dispensation, Sales, E-commerce, Service, and marketing. The training for this course could be acquired in both the ways; online or through the traditional classroom setting. SAPVITS provides online SAP CRM Training in Hyderabad and SAP CRM Training in Pune.

SAP CRM Modules

SAP CRM consists of 3 core modules.

•    Marketing
•    Sales
•    Service

1. Marketing

The Marketing module supports the marketing department with client purchase. This comprises one or more of the below activities-
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Segmentation - Segmentation is the process of separating your clients/opportunities/leads into distinct segments. This is applied to efficiently use the convenient time and supplies on a targeted marketing plan.
  • Campaign management - This involves several campaigns like e-mail, phone and other methods of customer engagement programs. 

2. Sales

Sales include the OTC (Order to Cash) cycle excluding the logistics part. So this definitely involves-
  • Billing - This comprises the billing of the orders generated. This is especially suited for Service related Billing. Billing can either be done in CRM or in ECC.
  • Order Management - This comprises order management, quotation management, contracts management, and other sales relevant activities.

3. Service:

Service Module includes most operations that are included in SAP ECC's SM & PM Modules. They involve-

  • Repairs & Returns Management
  • Service Order Management
  • Equipment and Installed Base Management
  • Service Contracts Management


SAPVITS is acknowledged as one of the best SAP Online training institutes to present excellent SAP education. It has an experience in SAP Training and SAP Consulting for more than 18 years. SAPVITS has branches in India (Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi), UK (London), and USA (New York), Singapore, Australia, Canada etc.

If you are looking to continue a future in marketing or looking to make customer relationship an essential part of an industry, then do think to get SAP CRM Training in Bangalore, be it online or otherwise. Learning an online course through provides you tons of versatility and customization that mean that you can go ahead and learn the SAP CRM at your place and at your level of understanding.

Our staff is always available to get back to you in case of any question which makes learning better and faster and you can understand all the concepts very fast. For those who are looking to excel in CRM and are planning to work in a large company, the SAP CRM course is a must do as it provides the most from the system. We provides training for all SAP functional and technical modules including:

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